Break !!!!

Hope atleast god knows why I took this break of posting in my blog. at one point of time, sense i ran out of ideas and started using the hyperlinks of articles in any other website, when i felt when i had to write any articles.  i was very particular about originality and freshness of whatever i post, so, finding new ideas frequently to post was where i got stuck. so, from now, i had decided on writing an article a week, thats really mine !!!


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Humour Club Intl. 24th Anniversary – Triplicane Chapter

Was held in the Music Academy Hall, Madras yesterday. Noted celebrities including actor Manorama, Director ‘Mozhi’ Radha Mohan participated in the function. People who came in the stage and fecilitated made sure that the audience were busy laughing and smiling over their neat, clean jokes, non-sarcastic jokes. The whole 3 hours I sat in was like watching a clean family entertainer. People coming out of home and participating in this kind of a conglomeration has reduced drastically. Thanks to people like Seetharaman et al of Humour Club Intl. who has provided a platform for those humour enthusiasts of Chennai.

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Young girl claims she is kalpana chawla?

Interesting !!!!

 Will NASA enquire onto this or its just one of the mystic stories of our country ?

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I am back !!!! – Coming up

From a week’s rest in Chennai 🙂

Coming up:

1. Mudumalai Travelogue – 3 Series

2. A little big village called as Mylapore – 5 Series

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Passing the Bug – Einstein’s Driver way

“Passing the bug” has been one instance that everybody hates to get into. It has been a case that we IT/ITES people always discuss. Here’s a funny tribute from an interesting anectode of Dr. Albert Einstein:

Einstein, after he formulated the theory of relativity E=mc²; (where E=Energy, m=mass of an object and c=Speed of Light) went around germany to explain the theory behind it. Accompanied by his driver, whom he treated as his good old friend went all through the cities and villages of germany to lecture on the theory that could alter the very understanding of our universe. The car driver who accompanies Einstein was forced to attend all his lectures as he had no other option.

Once it happened like the driver was very much interested in giving the lecture. Since he had attended almost all the lectures given by his master, he was well thorough over the content of the same. Einstein agreed on this idea thrown by the driver. Dressed as the driver himself, Einstein took the place of his driver in a hall and sat while the driver was busy giving lecture in the name of the genius. When the speech got over, everybody appreciated the brilliance of Dr. Albert but the difficult of all circumstances came, answering questions and doubts thrown by the audience. While they were firing questions, the driver looking unperturbed replied “These are too simple for a person like me to respond. My driver, sitting right there will be more than happy to clarify all your doubts!!!”

Passing the bug (?!!!)  at its best !!!!

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Digital Photography !!!!

This is one real good digital photography website which gives a good insight on capturing photos.

 Worth a Visit !!!!

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Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll – NY Times

That’s really interesting and good. It should help the long standing demand of those back  stage workers who had played a significant role in building America.

Santa Singh and Banta Singh should be happy 🙂 !!!!

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