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Only in India – Part 1

1. Every river that flows is holy but we can infiltrate as much
   hazards as we can, for which no action will be taken.
2  You can kill a person in front of 100 people in a bar and will
   be acquitted by the court citing lack of eye-witness.
3. Though dynasty rule was abolished long back, all leaders son/daughter
   will contest for his successor post no matter whether he/she is fits the role,
   for which there will be huge public support.
4. PARKING/NO PARKING boards will be hosted for the same place.
5. Lead roles in Successive box office hits in South indian films makes you
   a potential candidate for Chief Minister in the respective states, sans kerala.


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Pachaikili Muthucharam

Never seen a Sarath Kumar movie in a Cinema and so, it was a different experience indeed. He fits the role. Venkatesh, an upper middle class medical representative(They give intro for sarath as a middle class guy, but where in Chennai does a middle class guy lives in those posh independent houses).Lives happily with his wife kalyani(played gracefully by mumbai theatre artist andrea) and son nandha.Tragedy strikes their life when nandha was diagonised with type 1 diabetes. Kalyani who was showering her love on Venki till then turns her attention totally on their son. Yearning for love, Venkatesh meets Geetha(Jothika Saravanan) during the daily journey towards office in the train. Both feel for each other and plans to spend a day together in a resort. Lawrence, a petty theif comes in the scene and start threatening sarath and jothika. What happens next and how sarath comes out of the web is the remaining second half. Camera work was apt, not stylish like VV but helps to maintain the tempo of the film. Antony has come out of his cutting technique in editing. He has done an excellent job for the first time, atleast in the movies that I have seen of him. Flashes of conversations were superb, so is BGM. I would prefer gautham menon to change  the portrayal of negative roles and the climax. Both were very similar to KK and VV.

All in all, PKMC is worth a watch.

 Rating: 3.5 / 5

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Keep Walking !!!!

The hoardings that we find around all through the cities is an hindrance times. The immediate one that strikes me is the hoarding that hides the beautiful kapaleeshwarar koil in mylapore, if you try to see the gopuram and the kulam from the RK Mutt Road. But some are inspiring and the best among all is the JOHNNIE WALKER  ads that sprung through the metropolis. KEEP WALKING !!!!, that’s inspring indeed in all sense. Somebody told me that the company is famous for blending whisky???!!!!!. The topic of discussion is far from this one. In that AD,we can see a man with a stick, walking after crossing a ditch or another one where he walks in the moon with the earth as backdrop. Both conveys a common adage in two different dimensions. Though there are times of sufferings, distress, lack of trust, feel cornered and alone doesn’t mean that its the time for a break. We have to keep on with the regular course of life and make the most of what’s in our hand than crib for things that’s not in our control. We may have achieved all in life but the end of road never comes for attempts and challenging tasks.Its the one inspiring tag that I would like to always carry till I KEEP WALKING !!!!!

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Catching the thief ably helped by his gang leader !!!!

India and Pakistan to have a joint anti-terror mechanism to curb extremism. We know who’s harbouring the culprits, we have the proof, but we have signed an agreement to curb extremism. Can we term it as idiotic(In Oxford, its the highest degree of branding something foolish)?. Don’t know how our present government find ways to be stupid. After the Samjautha Express blasts, Pakistan is now showing itself as a country very serious about curbing extremism. This is a wonderful oppurtunity for them to point finger on us and raise questions. How many we had and did we take any strong actions. I feel vajpayee govt.  atleast assembled the army round the border for operation parikran which was quite threatening for them. But for the present PM whom I doubt whether he can even brush his teeth without permission from MADAM. With this toothless government who are concentrating more to appease the vote banks, we can’t expect much !!!!!

 God Save India !!!!

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Agni Natchathram !!!!

What a movie !!! Stunning visuals and extraordinary performances. Mani Sir should come back to his roots again(make tamil films). I am a big ARR buff, but IR’s bgm was stunning, especially the piece whenever Karthik and Prabhu encounters. He is one among the world’s best in BGM,no doubt about it The villian’s role was a cameo but a filling one.Haven’t seen him after that film. Anybody have seen him after that?

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Dreams and Gods !!!!

Yesterday, I had a dream which can’t be termed as nightmarish but quite odd. Instead of the street dogs that dominate bengalur, its the turn of monkeys in my dream !!!!. I was standing in the Main Road near the BTM flyover and there were human size monkeys busy jumping around, plucking fruits from the trees and dancing. But the usual characteristic of threatening people around  hich we may all face while going to a hill temple was missing. There were announcements going around like MONKEYS HAVE ENTERED FORUM, BDA COMPLEX etc. Don’t remember much after that. I woke uip and while I was discussing this with my room mate, he told me to visit Hanuman temple, maybe I have some parikaram which is remainded through this dream. Surprisingly, I have one to do in a Bengalur Anjaneyar Temple. I have heard about this scenario before long time back. Though I would like to visit Anjaneyar Temple anytime as he’s my favourite deity, just a clarification whether gods reminds us few things through dreams !!!! Any taker’s please ?

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ARR – Man who broke the wall

ARR has been a source of inspiration for many years. There are many reasons but one that strikes me the most is he is the first MADRASI(as we are called sarcastically by northies) to be accepted unconditionally by the whole of India. Everyone feels that he brought in a fresh wave into the monotonous Indian Music. If I could get into it, I feel he is the one who broke the wall that is erupted in front of the temple of music with a sign NOT FOR ALL. That gave a lease of life to all aspiring music enthusiasts who had the passion and talent but waiting for a platform to showcase. Am sure even YSK, HJ or the upcoming GV Prakash will agree onto this. There are speculations that he avoids tamil cinema nowadays. My personal view on this issue is ARTISTS ARE BEYOND BOUNDARIES. Its better to leave them as they are. I don’t think he has forgotten tamil music or bid adieu. Till date we find his name in many of the prestigious projects taken up in kodambakkam. BTW, he is at his best in tamil cinema, no doubt. Many have written much about him and there’s nothing more to add. Hail ARR !!!

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