ARR – Man who broke the wall

ARR has been a source of inspiration for many years. There are many reasons but one that strikes me the most is he is the first MADRASI(as we are called sarcastically by northies) to be accepted unconditionally by the whole of India. Everyone feels that he brought in a fresh wave into the monotonous Indian Music. If I could get into it, I feel he is the one who broke the wall that is erupted in front of the temple of music with a sign NOT FOR ALL. That gave a lease of life to all aspiring music enthusiasts who had the passion and talent but waiting for a platform to showcase. Am sure even YSK, HJ or the upcoming GV Prakash will agree onto this. There are speculations that he avoids tamil cinema nowadays. My personal view on this issue is ARTISTS ARE BEYOND BOUNDARIES. Its better to leave them as they are. I don’t think he has forgotten tamil music or bid adieu. Till date we find his name in many of the prestigious projects taken up in kodambakkam. BTW, he is at his best in tamil cinema, no doubt. Many have written much about him and there’s nothing more to add. Hail ARR !!!

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