Dreams and Gods !!!!

Yesterday, I had a dream which can’t be termed as nightmarish but quite odd. Instead of the street dogs that dominate bengalur, its the turn of monkeys in my dream !!!!. I was standing in the Main Road near the BTM flyover and there were human size monkeys busy jumping around, plucking fruits from the trees and dancing. But the usual characteristic of threatening people around  hich we may all face while going to a hill temple was missing. There were announcements going around like MONKEYS HAVE ENTERED FORUM, BDA COMPLEX etc. Don’t remember much after that. I woke uip and while I was discussing this with my room mate, he told me to visit Hanuman temple, maybe I have some parikaram which is remainded through this dream. Surprisingly, I have one to do in a Bengalur Anjaneyar Temple. I have heard about this scenario before long time back. Though I would like to visit Anjaneyar Temple anytime as he’s my favourite deity, just a clarification whether gods reminds us few things through dreams !!!! Any taker’s please ?


  1. Guest said

    Seeing monkeys in dreams is an indication that something bad is going to happen. Check Ramayanam, particularly in Sundarakandam. Not to do with Hanuman. However go to temples if you are religious types.

  2. Guest said

    Forgot to mention one thing. Are you sure what you saw is not PMK demanding Cauvery or some kannadiga refusing to give water? Both would have a strong resemblence to what you had seen in dream.

  3. Guest: If thats the case, then have to check sundaragandam. Thanks Yaar.

    For your second comment : :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). maybe didnt notice any flags

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