Keep Walking !!!!

The hoardings that we find around all through the cities is an hindrance times. The immediate one that strikes me is the hoarding that hides the beautiful kapaleeshwarar koil in mylapore, if you try to see the gopuram and the kulam from the RK Mutt Road. But some are inspiring and the best among all is the JOHNNIE WALKER  ads that sprung through the metropolis. KEEP WALKING !!!!, that’s inspring indeed in all sense. Somebody told me that the company is famous for blending whisky???!!!!!. The topic of discussion is far from this one. In that AD,we can see a man with a stick, walking after crossing a ditch or another one where he walks in the moon with the earth as backdrop. Both conveys a common adage in two different dimensions. Though there are times of sufferings, distress, lack of trust, feel cornered and alone doesn’t mean that its the time for a break. We have to keep on with the regular course of life and make the most of what’s in our hand than crib for things that’s not in our control. We may have achieved all in life but the end of road never comes for attempts and challenging tasks.Its the one inspiring tag that I would like to always carry till I KEEP WALKING !!!!!



  1. vicki said

    Hmm, like old wine in new bottles. Old Adage said in a new way. Nice observation 🙂

  2. vicki,
    yeah, it is one 🙂

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