Pachaikili Muthucharam

Never seen a Sarath Kumar movie in a Cinema and so, it was a different experience indeed. He fits the role. Venkatesh, an upper middle class medical representative(They give intro for sarath as a middle class guy, but where in Chennai does a middle class guy lives in those posh independent houses).Lives happily with his wife kalyani(played gracefully by mumbai theatre artist andrea) and son nandha.Tragedy strikes their life when nandha was diagonised with type 1 diabetes. Kalyani who was showering her love on Venki till then turns her attention totally on their son. Yearning for love, Venkatesh meets Geetha(Jothika Saravanan) during the daily journey towards office in the train. Both feel for each other and plans to spend a day together in a resort. Lawrence, a petty theif comes in the scene and start threatening sarath and jothika. What happens next and how sarath comes out of the web is the remaining second half. Camera work was apt, not stylish like VV but helps to maintain the tempo of the film. Antony has come out of his cutting technique in editing. He has done an excellent job for the first time, atleast in the movies that I have seen of him. Flashes of conversations were superb, so is BGM. I would prefer gautham menon to change  the portrayal of negative roles and the climax. Both were very similar to KK and VV.

All in all, PKMC is worth a watch.

 Rating: 3.5 / 5

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