Being Original – The Moser Baer way !!!!

I was first exposed to Richie Street when I was around 10 saying “We get cheap duplicate products.They will be very similar to original but at a down to earth price.” From then any electronic product introduced in the market would make me search for its clone in the  ritchie street. My attention then turned towards books for which Luz and moore market is the haven. Though our financial status was a reason to go behind these 2nd hand stuffs, my mentality was fixed towards buying gadgets, books and other use and throw items.Had a mental block like “these are meant to be bought in second hand rate”.Now I am settled in a reputed consulting firm, earning good by the grace of god, but still that MENTAL BLOCK was there, ie; to buy cheap products, though they were very much affordable. When Moser Baer announced original Indian Title films at affordable rates, it made me happy not only for collecting my favourite films but also reminded, HEY, ORIGINALS ARE AFFORDABLE. The first step was buying Nayakan Original DVD.It was followed by Alchemist and Man who knew Infinity from landmark. Just gave me a sense of satisfaction that I had come out of the second hand life…at last !!!!. It feels good.

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