Only in India – Real Time Example

Since I am differentially-abled, we people can travel with concession rates as rated by the government. Today, I met up with a rude treatment  from a ticket booking officer in Jay Nagar 4th Block BDA complex. Myself and my friend were in the queue and submitted the forms and the concession certificate to him for reservation. After seeing the certificate, the officer asked me what type of problem I have. When I explained, he asked me who is the escort(As per the rules, one person should escort me). When my friend told its him, that officer was asking why the person himself(that’s me) has come to book the tickets.It seems that only the escort should come and book the tickets. We were puzzled by his words. When I told that few were not issuing tickets without the presence of the individual, especially in the Banashankari BDA complex, he started reserving the tickets. Then he confirmed whether I am staying in Bangalore by asking where I work, blah blah !!! and then issued the tickets after verifying with his collegues whether Banashankari booking  center requires the individual’s presence.

My concerns are:

1.He was asking what type of problem do I have. Is the medical officer who examined and gave the certificate a fool? If this person wants to interrogate and confirm, then why the medical officer? He can hang a stethescope around his neck.

2.He was asking why I came to book the tickets.According to him, differentially abled is someone who can’t walk or run, always dependent on others. Seems my escort should come and do my office work also. I raised this question for which he was dumb.

In a country where a foreigner(please, I am not mentioning Sonia Gandhi, its about a Congress MP named RK Subba) can come in, forge documents, win elections twice and sit in the parliament, we ordinary citizens who abide by the law of  the land are forced to undergo these type of unnecessary harassments. Its sad that our honesty and law abiding qualities are thrown in the basket, whereas law breachers and mischief mongers are made CM’s, MLA’s, MP’s and Cabinet Ministers.

God Save India !!!


  1. Prabhu said

    Extremely bad on the ticket officers part. Actually, you are right. People are insensitive. Thats the sad part in this whole thing. They don’t need to do anything extra. Atleast if they follow the rules, and respect an individual half the problem would be solved 😦

  2. sami said

    India-vukku intha maathiri aalunga thaan problem-e…While the hell they r coming in to service business if they dont know how to respect a person.

    I am seeing these kind of things happening mainly in govt offices.

  3. Sami and Prabhu,
    Believe me guys, this is one of those several instances where we people are questioned and humiliated.Our country, though rich in heritage and culture sadly is not sensitive as foreigners are, in this regard. This , I am quoting out of my own experiences with both the people

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