Journey to the Land of Eternity – Part I

Dad used to frequent me to Marina Beach in my childhood days. Flights to and fro Ceylon would used to fly above the seas very frequently when I was busy building sand homes with my brother and friends in the shores. We always used to wonder will there be any chance for we people to get into it. Dad told me that people having car can afford a trip, but not we people. I haven’t bought a car yet but afforded a flight trip, thanks to IT sector. After a long wait, my visit to Shirdi came true today.It has been a sabbatical wait, as I had been planning for the past many years.

I had to come down to pune to join my friend Muthu.Right from the day I booked my flight ticket, I had been waiting for the experience of flying in the skies. The day came and I went into the Bangalore Airport, nearly three hours before the take off as I was completely blindfolded over the process over the journey. After the security check up and boarding pass was issued, we were made to wait for a 30 minute delay. The moment of getting into the flight came and I was thrilled.Then came the next big surprise when my co-passenger was none other than one of the air hostess who is on her way to Delhi for some official work. Never thought my journey would be made so exciting !!!!. The moment it took off, my  ears went dumb. Thought it was not a common phenomenon until she prompted that it has something to do with the altitude.

The next one hour was a nothing less than an interesting tete -a-tete with her. She was telling the complexities involved during the training and the job related issues of an air hostess.While I was telling our industry’s dark side, it was rather convincing for both of us that no job is easy. Flight landed in Pune and when my friend came there to pick me up, he told me its 5 hours bus travel to shirdi. JUST 5 HOURS TO THE PLACE OF ETERNITY…………

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  1. Rajesh said

    Well she rightly pointed no job is easy in this world, other side of the fence is always green, good post!

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