Journey to the Land of Eternity – Part II

I stayed in my friends apartment, situated in a locality called Magarpatta City, one of the symbols of the emerging Poona as an IT hub. There were constructions happening as in Bengaluru, clearly indicating chaos all around. The climate as far as I came to know is on the extremes. It was too hot till my last day of stay in Poona. We started our journey to Shirdi from the Poona Bus Terminus. Private tour operators, cabs are operating trips to Shirdi. So, finding means of transport should be easy. Morever there are enough Maharashtra State Transport Buses starting to Shirdi every 10 minutes. We took the government bus and it was a 5 hour long journey. Vada Paav’s and Sugarcane Juices are found everywhere all through the way. Please don’t miss those if you plan your trip via Poona.

After a tiring journey, we reached Shirdi at 11.45 pm. It was rather a touching moment when I set my foot in Shirdi. Ever since my days in P.S.Senior Secondary School, I used to visit the Shirdi Sai Baba temple nearby the school premises, though we were fearing those beggers surrounding the area. You just don’t have reasons to fall in love, the same for my devotion towards Shirdi Sai Baba. I haven’t touched the lines of fanaticism or went around convincing others to come in my terms on Baba and so, happy for that. There were paintings of the life journey of Baba all through the walls of the temple located in Mylapore, Chennai. I used to visualise those events as in the paintings. It can be compared to those Asterix and Tintin comic novels.It took few years to convince myself that what I see in those have been real incidents. My eager to visit those places gradually increased and was waiting for it to happen. It took more than a decade for me to come to Shirdi, or shall I say for Baba to give an appointment !!!!.

We stayed in a Hotel called as Anand Inn. If the pricing was bad, the service was pathetic. Its better to book a room in advance, or there are decent rooms provided by the Shirdi Temple Authorities themselves, which we came to know later.The temple was a 2 minute walk from the hotel from which we were boarding. It was a well deserved rest as the journey was too long. We had planned for an early morning darshan and woke up early to finish off your early morning duties.Now, its just 2 minutes walk to the place which I had imagined through the paintings of the temple wall !!!!


  1. Marutham said

    🙂 Nice blog & a nice descriptive post on ur journey! 🙂 Sure u have had some fun…
    Enjoyed reading!!


  2. Marutham,
    Thanks, do keep visiting [:)]

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