Narayana Murthy and National Anthem

While I have huge respect for both Mr. and Mrs. NRN, I was shocked and pained by the statement made by NRN few days back on National Anthem.After the Infosys meet with President of India as the chief guest, he mentioned that “it would embarass” the foreign delegates if we sing the National Anthem while they are blindfolded and so the instrumental version was played. The politicians who were criticised by NRN in the past were waiting for an oppurtunity to take a dig on him. I would prefer to be away from them as these people but at the same time take a strong stand against his comments.

What better oppurtunity can NRN get to introduce our National Anthem, its heritage and value to the foreign delegates. Its surprising that the so-called visionary of Modern India is still in the colonial hangover. Am sure NRN himself would have participated in any of the other countries functions where he would have stood up for their respective National Anthem. He could have compared himself with the delegates and acted upon it. Sadly, he took the other way.

I would like to ignore, forget this as an “one-off” incident. A man of his stature is not expected to let silly comments. After all, its human to commit mistakes !!!!. I am sure he would be very careful next time.

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