Who is an Idol?

NDTV 24×7 conducted a talk show compromising of prominent(?!!!) people like Rakhi Sawant and Diya Mirza.Topic: Who does Women look upon as their idol?

When an educated middle class guy/girl announces Dr. Kalam(Have taken him as an example here) as his/her idol, I strongly feel they are missing some trivial details before declaration. Its always hard to convince myself when I think of somebody like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as my idol. Apart from being a Tamil, nothing’s common between ourselves. An idol is someone with whom we can relate with.Vishy, Dravid, NRN or Collector Radhakrishnan can fit in the role of IDOLS for the emerging middle class than Dr. APJ who is one in a century person.Comparing ourselves with a man of his stature some times hit our morale as its almost impossible to reach his milestones. That doesnt mean that Dr.Kalam cannot be a person we cant look upon but the incidents, the culture, the support we get when we succeed or fail may not always be similar to that of him. Again, am taking Dr.APJ as a crude example, doesnt mean him obviously.


The others that I had mentioned here gives us  a FEEL GOOD FACTOR (Sorry BJP, am sure you would like to forget this term). Hardwork and dedication from a background and culture very similar to the emerging middle class can fetch results without any extra ordinary or out of the box deeds. These people are more convincing as they don’t belong to the extremes.

As of now, Vishy is my IDOL !!!!!

 Who’s yours ?

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