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Humour Club Intl. 24th Anniversary – Triplicane Chapter

Was held in the Music Academy Hall, Madras yesterday. Noted celebrities including actor Manorama, Director ‘Mozhi’ Radha Mohan participated in the function. People who came in the stage and fecilitated made sure that the audience were busy laughing and smiling over their neat, clean jokes, non-sarcastic jokes. The whole 3 hours I sat in was like watching a clean family entertainer. People coming out of home and participating in this kind of a conglomeration has reduced drastically. Thanks to people like Seetharaman et al of Humour Club Intl. who has provided a platform for those humour enthusiasts of Chennai.


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Young girl claims she is kalpana chawla?

Interesting !!!!

 Will NASA enquire onto this or its just one of the mystic stories of our country ?

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