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Indian Cricket Team’s Performance – Fan’s reaction

Sad was the Indian Cricket team’s performance at the World Cup. After employing the costliest and a no nonsense coach, providing extraordinary facilities(when compared other sports in India), organizing camps, Exclusive Physios, Trainers, Sponsors right from the outfits to the training kits and 1 billion fans who were providing unconditional support(or shall I say pressure????), to see the batsmen follow suit back to the pavilion one by one is not the sight they can bestow.Any Indian Cricket Team’s fan has all the right to get pissed off with the team’s below par performance but few went wrong with the way they expressed. What we are proving to these cricketers by throwing stones on their houses. Won’t the family members be threatened.Is this our culture is/was/will be known for.Why didn’t we go and stone those non-performing politicians, collectors and tahsildars.Let me list out few things that we can do to show our disappointment.

1.Not going to the stadiums to watch any of the Indian Team’s matches unless they maintain consistency, or in TV.

2.Don’t buy any luxury goods (that includes carbonated drinks) marketed by these cricketers.

3.Last but not least, let’s make sure the above resolutions reach the cricketers and the companies who sponsor these people.

Instead of being furious and voilent, these will hit them than anything.

Shall we start a campaign for this?


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Bob Woolmer

The cricketing world will miss the lovely man forever !!!!

We will miss you Bob !!!!

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The Cricket World Cup 2007

The biggest gala after Olympics and Football has started. Let’s have a sneak preview on the teams:

Australia: The wounded lion is waiting to bounce back. Hit by injuries, the 3 time world champion has a point to prove.

Bangladesh: Winning once against many test teams including Australia cannot be discounted. This minnow can surprise a few.

England: Their worst patch in many years was sidelined after their hat trick victory against Australia in the recent VB Series. Flintoff holds the key.

India: A team of individuals. Studded with all time greats but when as a team, they fail.Most probably the final world cup of Tendulkar. Will he do an Imran Khan?

New Zealand: record chases against Australia in the recent series has done them a world of good. Dark Horses in all the times.

Pakistan: Hit by drug abuse, bad management and a lack lustre captain is not something one can boast of. But has the ability to surprise any team in the world.

South  Africa: The Spanish Footbal Team of Cricket. Apart from Lady luck, they have everything. If she smiles on them, they will walk away with the cup.

Sri Lanka: A pack of individuals who gel together as a team. Minimal internal politics among the sub-continent teams is one of its strengths. Tipped to be the dark horse.Wholly dependent on Murali’s heroics.

West Indies: The hosts. Last world cup for Lara. Will the good old days come back? Only time will tell.

Others: In the world cup to add numbers.

 Let the best team win !!!!

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