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Catching the thief ably helped by his gang leader !!!!

India and Pakistan to have a joint anti-terror mechanism to curb extremism. We know who’s harbouring the culprits, we have the proof, but we have signed an agreement to curb extremism. Can we term it as idiotic(In Oxford, its the highest degree of branding something foolish)?. Don’t know how our present government find ways to be stupid. After the Samjautha Express blasts, Pakistan is now showing itself as a country very serious about curbing extremism. This is a wonderful oppurtunity for them to point finger on us and raise questions. How many we had and did we take any strong actions. I feel vajpayee govt.  atleast assembled the army round the border for operation parikran which was quite threatening for them. But for the present PM whom I doubt whether he can even brush his teeth without permission from MADAM. With this toothless government who are concentrating more to appease the vote banks, we can’t expect much !!!!!

 God Save India !!!!


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