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Happy Birthday Thenappan

Wishing you a very happy birthday!!!!

Guess what’s the gift ????

Sabari Audio Cassette !!!!


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Introduction to Kamity

Its time to give intro to our kamity(commitee) members. We 6 never miss a chance to freak out in chennai but since our work assignments are in different geographies, it has become almost a nil. Let’s have a brief intro about them.

1.Alagappan:The captain of the ship, ofcourse you can take in the visayaganth sense too.  Takes ownership of all the tasks by/for/to the kamity. Always has a smile in his face for anything. Uneligible girls can apply.

2.Deepak: Pseudo leader of the kamity. Does nothing for, but never misses an oppurtunity to claim credit. A complete prank, a master in maintaining work-life balance. Girls….Beware !!!!

3.Vasanth: A guy who has an answer for anything in life. Would love to see him write a book on logical questions and its solutions. His preferences would baffle any as he would criticize even the best of your choices. The severely affected person is ofcourse Alagappan.

4.Mukund: Extremely short and brainy. A team not only requires exhuberence of the youth but also the experience of the elderly statesmen. Who’s better here, than this fellow?.

5.Thenappan: For all the sins committed by the fellow kamity members, he does the balancing act.The law of averages would brand our kamity as a group good human beings largely(or wholly shall I say) because of this fellow.His rankings on the movies he watch fall under 3 grades, Good, Better, Best…..a complete movie buff. Sadly, his character has brought him more trouble, than goodness. Hail thenappan.

6.Yours truly: Luckily its me than any other kamity member writing about me. Kamity would largely miss me as I am the easy target for mockery. Tries to emulate vasanth in logic, honesty in thenappan but largely fails. Had fear whether 1 peck of vodka would make me stay in the hangover all through my life. Blasted mukund for wasting $2.38 when he spilled his share of drink.

Coming Next in this category: Birthday Bash of Thenappan !!!!

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