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Young girl claims she is kalpana chawla?

Interesting !!!!

 Will NASA enquire onto this or its just one of the mystic stories of our country ?


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Why not in Second Sleeper Classes?

Yesterday, I came to Chennai from bangalore in Shatabdi Express. The train was neat, the facilitators were cordial and friendly.The washroom can be compared to any corporate environment facility. The last time I travelled in Shatabdi was in August 2005 and there’s a vast difference in the facilities offered, for the better. For the past two years almost, we haven’t seen any hike in railway ticket fares. Every fortnight once, I have been visiting Chennai in the weekends, mostly in Chennai Mail. There’s no visible improvement in the facilities offered in Train no. 2657 and 2658. If they can optimize and provide better facilities and comfort in Shatabdi without any extra charge, why not in other trains. Are those passengers in other trains third grade citizens. Why this partiality?. Next time, if we see less previliged and poor people shout that India is built by the poor, for the rich and to the rich…..LET’S ACCEPT IT.

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The Salon

Every man is a child when he sits in the chair of the salon. Entering into the salon shop as a small boy always fantasized me. It’s the one place where even the big boys are treated the same way as the small ones. The hair stylist is the boss and whatever instructions he gives should be abided. When my  school teachers visited the same salon where I used to have my hair cut, it was a great feeling altogether where they were made to dance to the tunes of the hair stylist. It was a sense of happiness as there is somebody to instruct them. The interactions with the stylist has always been interesting. You always find them to be the best friend for that span of time, say like a co-passenger. Any guy would hate somebody touching his head(atleast me), but not for the salon guy.

Every time I silp into the salon, the adrelin certainly pumps up with a message ” YOU ARE YOUNG  !!!!”

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Rajnikanth – The Phenomenon


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While I was on a horse ride in the hills of Gulmarg, Kashmir , the horse rider asked me from which place I am from. When I replied ‘Madras’ (then Chennai), his immediate query was baffling , “How is Rajnikanth?”. Here is a humble horse rider, lived all through his life in Kashmir, doesn’t know to read or write, have ignorance over the other parts of India and anger over the Indian Government over the attitude shown towards kashmir than other states of India which he mentions one of the reasons for the conflict happening there, can enquire about Rajni. Considering the career graph of Rajnikanth, its quite an achievement as he had worked in minimal North Indian Films.

Born, brought up and lived all my life than the past 18 months in Chennai, I can’t deny the influence of Rajni. Considering the following that film actors have in South India, its not surprising. But the adulation Rajni commands is phenomenal. Film Industry, as its called had never been an Industry in India. Its often used as the best place for biggies to convert their Unaccounted wealth to Accountables and a cushion bed for mafia to work around .Though the scenario is changing, it hasn’t been wiped off. Surviver should not only be fit but also powerful. Talent and Attitude takes back seat while influence and dynasty rules.Born and brought up in Bengaluru from a humble background, this man has risen to the stars. There has always been an argument that he doesnt deserve this as Kamal Haasan, his contempory is better by miles.Though its quite fair, its the sheer screen presence that makes him special.Indian audience doesnt have the luxury to have their own Superman or Spiderman(Though I strongly believe our Lord Hanuman is the benchmark Hollywood had for creating those imaginary heroes) on the big screen and they fill the gap by making few larger than life on screen.

Psychologists have declared few theories on human survival, what achievement means for him and its reasons.They point out few things that man want to conquer for his presence. Fear top the charts, which man feels can be conquered by money, wealth, power, education etc. The next in the list is the ability to make everybody round him accept and love him. The latter is more a tough job to achieve I feel, that too an unconditional acceptance is far from ordinary task, perhaps the greatest of them being Charlie Chaplin, In India apart from Amitabh and Rajni, nobody has that acceptance in film fratenity as these two had crossed linguistic barriers considering the cultural complexities we have in India. Its an achievement on itself considering the humble backgrounds those two have.

Any announcement on his next film  creates ripples around South India. His forthcoming film Sivaji has got the attention of even the North Indian audience who are normally reticent watching South Indian films, barring few. He has the ability to keep his fan following and presence  intact inspite of an absolute no-no to interviews or selling products. The salary that he commands is many times than that of the biggest stars of Hindi Cinema. Inspite of all this, he is quite humble and simple, which we youngsters have to take a leaf out.Considering all this, he remains the ambassador of South India and the undisputed Super Star of Indian cinema.

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Indian Cricket Team’s Performance – Fan’s reaction

Sad was the Indian Cricket team’s performance at the World Cup. After employing the costliest and a no nonsense coach, providing extraordinary facilities(when compared other sports in India), organizing camps, Exclusive Physios, Trainers, Sponsors right from the outfits to the training kits and 1 billion fans who were providing unconditional support(or shall I say pressure????), to see the batsmen follow suit back to the pavilion one by one is not the sight they can bestow.Any Indian Cricket Team’s fan has all the right to get pissed off with the team’s below par performance but few went wrong with the way they expressed. What we are proving to these cricketers by throwing stones on their houses. Won’t the family members be threatened.Is this our culture is/was/will be known for.Why didn’t we go and stone those non-performing politicians, collectors and tahsildars.Let me list out few things that we can do to show our disappointment.

1.Not going to the stadiums to watch any of the Indian Team’s matches unless they maintain consistency, or in TV.

2.Don’t buy any luxury goods (that includes carbonated drinks) marketed by these cricketers.

3.Last but not least, let’s make sure the above resolutions reach the cricketers and the companies who sponsor these people.

Instead of being furious and voilent, these will hit them than anything.

Shall we start a campaign for this?

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Keep Walking !!!!

The hoardings that we find around all through the cities is an hindrance times. The immediate one that strikes me is the hoarding that hides the beautiful kapaleeshwarar koil in mylapore, if you try to see the gopuram and the kulam from the RK Mutt Road. But some are inspiring and the best among all is the JOHNNIE WALKER  ads that sprung through the metropolis. KEEP WALKING !!!!, that’s inspring indeed in all sense. Somebody told me that the company is famous for blending whisky???!!!!!. The topic of discussion is far from this one. In that AD,we can see a man with a stick, walking after crossing a ditch or another one where he walks in the moon with the earth as backdrop. Both conveys a common adage in two different dimensions. Though there are times of sufferings, distress, lack of trust, feel cornered and alone doesn’t mean that its the time for a break. We have to keep on with the regular course of life and make the most of what’s in our hand than crib for things that’s not in our control. We may have achieved all in life but the end of road never comes for attempts and challenging tasks.Its the one inspiring tag that I would like to always carry till I KEEP WALKING !!!!!

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