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For the Mistakes that I had Committed

for all the mistakes that we had commited in the past, it makes us laugh at it when we think about it after a decent gap. but the instant we commit that, am sure like me, everybody feels too much for it. if we are gonna mock at it after a gap, is pressurizing ourselves too much on our mistakes worth it at that instant?. think yes, as it moulds us and helps to become a better human. but at the same time, we are ending up in paying a cost for the lesson that we learn through the incident. it may be time, money,earning bitterness or even say a relationship(mean in general, not only a man-woman affair) coming to a closure. given a chance, i always fantasize like why cant we go back to the same scenario, let the situation and the incident prop up and we could have acted in a different manner. to put things straight, i could have saved some of my good friends i had. should i have suppressed the ego? should i have put a different word,should i have responded well to my friend who was willing to help me out, should i have asked SORRY when i should have really. EOD, i feel that nothing helps me than the bitter experiences in the past. i never forget them, try to learn as much and nowadays, even for those unintentional mistakes, i don mind for it too much. Sure,I will be laughing at it after 5 years.


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