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Break !!!!

Hope atleast god knows why I took this break of posting in my blog. at one point of time, sense i ran out of ideas and started using the hyperlinks of articles in any other website, when i felt when i had to write any articles.  i was very particular about originality and freshness of whatever i post, so, finding new ideas frequently to post was where i got stuck. so, from now, i had decided on writing an article a week, thats really mine !!!


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I am back !!!! – Coming up

From a week’s rest in Chennai ūüôā

Coming up:

1. Mudumalai Travelogue – 3 Series

2. A little big village called as Mylapore – 5 Series

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Passing the Bug – Einstein’s Driver way

“Passing the bug” has been one instance¬†that everybody hates to get into. It has been a case that we IT/ITES people always discuss. Here’s a funny tribute from an interesting anectode of Dr. Albert Einstein:

Einstein, after he formulated the theory of relativity E=mc²; (where E=Energy, m=mass of an object and c=Speed of Light) went around germany to explain the theory behind it. Accompanied by his driver, whom he treated as his good old friend went all through the cities and villages of germany to lecture on the theory that could alter the very understanding of our universe. The car driver who accompanies Einstein was forced to attend all his lectures as he had no other option.

Once it happened like the driver was very much interested in giving the lecture. Since he had attended almost all the lectures given by his master, he was well thorough over the content of the same. Einstein agreed¬†on this idea thrown by the driver. Dressed as the driver himself, Einstein took the place of his driver in a hall and¬†sat while the driver was busy giving lecture in the name of the genius. When the speech got over, everybody appreciated the brilliance of Dr. Albert but the difficult of all circumstances came, answering questions and doubts thrown by the audience. While they were firing questions, the driver looking unperturbed replied “These are too simple for a person like me to respond. My driver, sitting right there will be more than happy to clarify all your doubts!!!”

Passing the bug (?!!!)  at its best !!!!

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Who is an Idol?

NDTV 24×7 conducted a talk show compromising of prominent(?!!!) people like Rakhi Sawant and Diya Mirza.Topic: Who does Women look upon as their idol?

When an educated middle class guy/girl announces Dr. Kalam(Have taken him as an example here)¬†as his/her idol, I strongly feel they are missing some trivial details before declaration. Its always hard to convince myself when I think of somebody like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as my idol. Apart from being a Tamil, nothing’s common between ourselves. An idol is someone with whom we can relate with.Vishy, Dravid, NRN¬†or Collector Radhakrishnan can fit in the role of IDOLS for the emerging middle class than Dr. APJ who is one in a century person.Comparing ourselves with a man of his stature some times hit our morale as its almost impossible to reach his milestones. That doesnt mean that Dr.Kalam cannot be a person we cant look upon but the incidents, the culture, the¬†support we get when we succeed or fail may not always be similar to that of him. Again, am taking Dr.APJ as a crude¬†example, doesnt mean him obviously.


The others that I had mentioned here gives us¬† a FEEL GOOD FACTOR (Sorry BJP, am sure you would like to forget this term). Hardwork and dedication from a background and culture very similar to the emerging middle class¬†can fetch results without any extra ordinary or out of the box deeds. These people are more convincing as they don’t belong to the extremes.

As of now, Vishy is my IDOL !!!!!

¬†Who’s yours ?

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Why not in Second Sleeper Classes?

Yesterday, I came to Chennai from bangalore in Shatabdi Express. The train was neat, the facilitators were cordial and friendly.The washroom can be compared to any corporate environment facility. The last time I travelled in Shatabdi was in August 2005 and there’s a vast difference in the facilities offered, for the better. For the past two years almost, we haven’t seen any hike in railway ticket fares. Every fortnight once, I have been visiting Chennai in the weekends, mostly in Chennai Mail.¬†There’s no visible¬†improvement in the facilities offered in Train no. 2657 and 2658. If they can optimize and provide better facilities and comfort in Shatabdi without any extra charge, why not in other trains. Are those passengers in other trains third grade citizens. Why this partiality?. Next time, if we see less previliged and poor people shout that India is built by the poor, for the rich and to the rich…..LET’S ACCEPT IT.

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Narayana Murthy and National Anthem

While I have huge respect for both Mr. and Mrs. NRN, I was shocked and pained by the statement made by NRN few days back on National Anthem.After the Infosys meet¬†with President of India as the chief guest, he mentioned that “it would embarass” the foreign delegates if we sing the National Anthem while they are blindfolded and so the instrumental version was played. The politicians who were criticised by NRN in the past were waiting for an oppurtunity to take a dig on him. I would prefer to be away from them as these people but at the same time¬†take a strong stand against his comments.

What better oppurtunity can NRN get to introduce our National Anthem, its heritage and value to the foreign delegates. Its surprising that the so-called visionary of Modern India is still in the colonial hangover. Am sure NRN himself would have participated in any of the other countries functions where he would have stood up for their respective National Anthem. He could have compared himself with the delegates and acted upon it. Sadly, he took the other way.

I¬†would like to ignore, forget this as an “one-off” incident. A man of his stature is not expected to let silly comments. After all, its human to commit mistakes !!!!. I am sure he would be very careful next time.

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Being Original – The Moser Baer way !!!!

I was first exposed to Richie Street when I was around 10 saying “We get cheap duplicate products.They will be very similar to original but at a down to earth price.” From then any electronic product introduced in the market would make me search for its clone in the¬† ritchie street. My attention then turned towards books for which Luz and moore market is the haven. Though our financial status was a reason to go behind these 2nd hand stuffs, my mentality was fixed¬†towards buying gadgets, books and other use and throw items.Had a mental block like “these are meant to be bought in second hand rate”.Now I am settled in¬†a reputed consulting firm, earning good by the grace of god, but still that MENTAL BLOCK was there, ie; to buy cheap products, though they were very much affordable. When Moser Baer announced original Indian Title films at affordable rates, it made me happy not only for¬†collecting my favourite films but¬†also reminded, HEY, ORIGINALS ARE AFFORDABLE. The first step was buying Nayakan Original DVD.It was followed by Alchemist and Man who knew Infinity from landmark. Just gave me a sense of satisfaction that I had come out of the second hand life…at last !!!!. It feels good.

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